Understanding Clouds Basic Class

Basic Registration comes with:
Complete, downloadable course in easy to follow lessons —

  • four, one-week lessons to learn step-by-step and build your knowledge and skills for painting clouds.
  • detailed explanations of all stages of the process toward building clouds and skies that draw in your viewer with a feeling of “being there.”
  • Pictorial demonstrations allow you to follow along to create your own clouds studies. These downloads can be used every time you paint clouds into all your future landscapes.
  • In-depth explanations of techniques with images to show each stage of the painting process,
  • Lessons go from black & white value studies to full color sunset paintings to inform your art from now forward.
  • Learn at your own pace — no assignment deadlines.

See list of supplies needed for Basic Course.


BASIC TUITION — Basic Registration Introductory Offer: $35.00



Click here to read the course syllabus.

As the course and the Understanding Clouds (UC) Community develops, these prices will likely go up.

But you have everything you need to paint captivating clouds right here. More content, videos, and demos to be created as classes and student registration builds adding even more value and information to learn from. Students who take advantage of these introductory prices with get the upgraded content for no cost or when it becomes available. Additional content will be guided by student needs and interests.

Upgrade at any time to the FULL COURSE to receive instruction and critique on your assignments. Join the UC Community Facebook Page.

See overview of Full Course here.


PRIVATE LESSONS: $45 per hour.

If you prefer working on your own and want instruction without the pressure of sharing your progress with a group, private lessons might be better suited for you. You can always join the group later as your painting confidence builds!

We can also cover any subject:Watercolor

  • technique,
  • portfolio building,
  • gallery submissions or other art topic you might be interested in.
  • Charcoal drawings,
  • watercolor,
  • oil, and
  • plein air painting are my specialties in the fine arts.
  • For illustrators — character design, world building in traditional media.

Contact Rita to learn more.

2-hour minimum