Meditation Circles


Meditation Circles
Oil Pastels on Black Paper

I often describe my Meditation Circles to be ‘Knowing Eyes’ that allow us to slip into the space of quiet meditation, where we can find our truest self. They can be used as a visual meditative aid, or as a “portal” to transport our vision into more subconscious realms.

I create these in consultation with anyone who wishes to have one. From a place of deeper conversation (via phone, skype, or Zoom video), I intuit these Mediation Circles as a reflection back to those seeking them. It seems that words are only useful up to a point, then we need something that goes straight to the soul to move us forward or bring a newfound sense of peace.

Others who have received Meditation Circles from me have likened them to “creative helpers”, “believing mirrors” or “cosmic portals” that evoke a feeling of watchers “holding the space” wherever they are displayed. Like sacred mandalas, they continue to do their “work” on a subconscious level long after they have been made manifest, so that we can remain steady, quiet, seen, and loved by an extra-dimensional aspect of ourselves.

If you are interested in having a Meditation Circle created for you, please contact me –