Meditation Circles

Oil Pastels on Black or Gray Paper

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I received the Circle Thursday and just sat down this morning to meditate with it. WOW!

Here’s the funny thing…I opened the package and unrolled it with great anticipation, only to be, well, underwhelmed. “I spent money for this?”

WAIT, the story gets amazing…

I set it aside and decided to buy a frame as you suggested, so it would look brighter and more intensely colorful. I was busy with other stuff, so I didn’t get to the store right away. This morning I thought: “Well, let’s give it a try.” Sat down, looked at it and IMMEDIATELY went into body tremors!! (In case you don’t know, tremors signal trauma release—it happens commonly in animals and kids) After it settled down, I focused on the image. It “spoke” to me and introduced itself as the Eye and Vortex of my Inner being. More shaking. So ridiculously powerful, Rita!

If I look back to the digital version, that has opened new channels too. I’ve been seeing things more clearly, with ideas and inspirations are pouring out like water from a fire hydrant constantly.

To sum it up: TOTALLY WORTH THE INVESTMENT!! I can’t wait to see what comes next. Thanks for the wondrous work you do.

These Soul Circles are focusing tools to enhance meditation. I often describe them as ‘Knowing Eyes’ or ‘Soul Portraits’ that allow us to slip into the space of quiet meditation, where we can find our truest self. They can be used as a visual meditative aid, or as a “portal” to transport our vision into more unconscious and collective realms.

“When you evolve it can feel like a hopeless endeavor swimming against the tide. These meditation circles are customized to activate your psyche. Exquisite synchronicity… Proof to me that the collective unconscious is real, and that I am perhaps not as lost as I had imagined. That you so much Rita Roberts.”

I create these in consultation with anyone who wishes to have one. From a place of deeper conversation (via phone, skype, or Zoom video), or even just a brief written description of areas of life where you might feel blocked. I intuit these Soul Circles as a reflection back to those seeking them. It seems that words are only useful up to a point, then we need something that goes straight to the soul to move us forward or bring a newfound sense of peace.

Others who have received Meditation Circles from me have likened them to “creative helpers”, “believing mirrors” or “cosmic portals” that evoke a feeling of watchers “holding the space” wherever they are displayed. Like sacred mandalas, they continue to do their “work” on a subconscious level long after they have been made manifest, so that we can remain steady, quiet, seen, and loved by an extra-dimensional aspect of ourselves.

If you are interested in having a Meditation Circle created for you, please contact me –

Or visit



I made a t-shirt with the digital image of my Circle.  When I wear it, the shirt feels very healing to me, and it also serves as a reminder, that if I’m to wear my circle, that I need to embody and project that outward.

It’s an exposure to the world, and possibly a true “responsibility” that I have to make sure I’m integrating my Soul Circle image with what I’m doing and saying. If I wear the circle….

“This is serious woo, woo synchronicity so make sure you are seated…”

Thank you to all who are willing to make your souls visible. I am honored. –Rita