It’s All Perfect

A new chapter in the art life emerges — Coach and webmaster Scott Schumacher has asked me to join him in this intensive 4-week group called “It’s All Perfect” — an individual coaching immersion program which begins Feb. 20. Scott is a kind soul and his intuition has been right on the mark on any topic I’ve put in front of him. He’s a non-judging witness who can say just the right combination of words to make me see a solution that just wasn’t there before.

My part in the program is to share my experience in mid-career detours and how to make the landing a little softer when you take the leap into the unknown. I don’t subscribe to the ‘push forward no matter what!’ school of success. My mantra: “Getting quiet is a thing!”

I suppose that’s not surprising when you see my artwork.

Setting goals is important, but I can also let the plan create me. Getting quiet allows greater gifts than you ever imagined to come pouring out of you.

See details and more videos here:


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