Marilyn, Ron and Lucille Loser with their new purchase.

“We’d seen a few pieces of Rita’s work around the San Luis Valley and made it a point to attend her showing at the Del Norte Museum during the summer of 2009.”

“There were many pieces that caught our attention, but Ron chose “Introspection” for three reasons – the strong complementary colors, the composition’s nice flow that draws you into the picture, and the model’s pose — hiding her eyes behind her hands lends a sense of mystery to the piece.”

Ron and Marilyn Loser

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  1. Rita January 1, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    And a recent note from Marilyn (2 and a half years after their purchase)

    …we had a few people over Friday night…who had not been in our home before. Out of all of our artwork he commented on your Introspection. He thinks it’s great — of course, as do we.

    I love to hear stories like this, how people respond to the art you have in your homes.

    Thank you Marilyn and Ron!