Getting Quiet… and Waiting

Recently, my brother, a madman, whom I love deeply, stayed with me along his travels. He dropped in unexpectedly on his most recent spontaneous voyage. When he left and I waved goodbye, I felt the wave goodbye to be a marking of a moment – symbolic of the random and spontaneous journey I’ve been taking. A journey into this very quiet revolution.

The old disruptions of life have been wished well, as I turn to a new FRAME of existence.

As an artist, I feel that the times of outward “selling”, critiques, promotions and excessive commissions are OVER. Galleries that build walls between me and the people who value the art I make no longer have an effective business model. It was never my thing to engage in artificial, online manipulation marketing and that paradigm is finally dying anyway, thank goodness. I prefer actual relationships.

I want connection with my buyers, students, collaborators. My people are the curious explorers. We’ll find something just right for you because we don’t follow convention.

Let’s break the rules.

Honoring myself, I understand that “getting quiet is a thing” – and I believe that quiet is a force for change and transformation. In my studio, I meditate – sometimes for hours, days even. I take naps and sometimes forget to place more firewood into the stove, so I cover up for warmth.

My job now, is to send healing and loving energy into all of the paintings in my studio, for I know that they are my true savings account, still waiting to find their rightful owners who understand the magic of quiet – who need the magic of quiet in their lives.

As I live more fully into my quiet spaces, my art has more life. As my art has more life, I can more easily shed my own definitions of self. Artist? Illustrator? Screenwriter? Healer? Novice? Quiet Traveler? No. I am infinite. All. None. A conduit for God’s hand.

Deepened stillness speaks. It brings an invitation to join in this quiet revolution of the heart. We can welcome all of our feelings. We can accept our authentic selves. There’s nothing else we need to do. We can wait, and also revel in the waiting.

I have an easel which also waits for those who feel the call and calm of meditative quiet. “Rita’s Easel” is a place of whimsical and intuitive creation, where love and quiet live. Love and Quiet alchemize with paint on a canvass or pastels on a board to reflect their nature outward, to those who seek to find them.

Like me, they wait and revel in the waiting. Some do not wait long, while others sit, soaking up the love, dreaming peacefully of the moment when they will wave a soft goodbye to me, and journey on with other “madmen and women” who join this quiet revolution.

Getting quiet is a thing.

Will you join me?


Find out more about “Rita’s Easel”

I live underneath the most beautiful landscape of Clouds in the San Luis Valley of Southwest Colorado. Out my window lies infinite inspiration.

“Rita’s Easel” intuitively creates landscapes of profound quiet. These creations wait for those who wish to join a “quiet revolution.”

I create Meditation Circles for myself and others. They are portals and observing eyes – our “Truest Eye” for intuition.  They continue to do “their work” long after they have manifested.

Lola naps with me. Soaking up the stillness.

Augustina, the “Heifer-Potomus” dances in the playfulness of my shedding of all definitions of myself. As she frolicks in all of her feelings, I can sit with all of mine in my own “meditative middle.”